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BMWs Self-Balancing No Helmet Motorcycle

Concept motorbikes provide us with a glimpse of the future which makes BMW’s Motorrad Vision NEXT 100 such an intriguing prospect. According to Bavaria’s finest, this will be a super-clever self-balancing motorcycle that is filled with a host of futuristic features and gives us a sneaky preview of what motorcycling might be like in the next few decades.

Looking like something out of the Tron Movies, the BMW Motorrad is supposedly so smart and so safe to ride, there is no need to wear protective gear such as a helmet or heavy clothing.

The bike is equipped with its own self-balancing system and remains upright whether moving or standing still, without the need for a stand. With no chance of tilting over, this makes the bike perfect for novice riders but it also very responsive so it is also ideal for more experienced riders.

Data glasses replace traditional helmets

Gone are the traditional dials on the Motorrad, instead the rider wears a clever pair of glasses that act as a visor and provides a smart display. The bike communicates through the visor with the rider offering wind protection and vital information in equal measures. 
Features on the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 include:

·         No helmet, just data processing glasses
·         Total balance without a stand
·         Carbon fibre build
·         Futuristic display
·         Auto correct function
·         Finger gesture controls
·         A/C function to control temperature making heavy clothing redundant 

As well as these innovative features the VISION NEXT 100 will also be equipped with self-driving technology and can intervene when necessary. If the rider doesn’t react quickly enough and the bike senses danger, it can correct itself thus preventing accidents and incidents. 

As concept motorbikes go, the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is unbelievably amazing. We’re not sure about the lack of helmet for obvious safety reasons, but the motorcycle certainly looks fabulous and the functions sound revolutionary. We’d love to transport it at some point in the future.

If you need reliable motorcycle transportation at any time, whether it’s for a classic, modern or futuristic bike, call us here atAce Services Bristol on07742940422.   

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usctauthetapi on 26 July 2019 14:32
Self-balancing is an old term now the technology is moving towards one wheeling motorbike which is totally different from the old school of biking experience.
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