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Choosing a motorcycle delivery service might seem easy but there’s a lot to consider before you entrust a total stranger with the transportation of your bike. As experts in short notice motorcycle collections and deliveries in Bristol, we know how worrying it can be when you need a motorbike delivering, and how scary the whole process might seem. Fear not, though. At ACE Services Bristol we understand exactly how you feel, so here are some suggestions to make this process easier for you. How secure will the motorbike be? One of the biggest concerns you will have when your bike is being transported is how secure the machine is during its travels. Ideally, the front wheel should be locked into a wheel stand to keep the bike upright, and soft straps should be used to prevent the bike from moving. This is something we wouldn’t think twice about here at Ace Services Bristol, your bike is totally secure when it’s under our care. What techniques are used to load the bike? Getting a motorbike safely into the back of a van takes due care and attention. This should be achieved by rolling the bike up a ramp or by using a motorised winch. We always use a wide ramp here at ACE Services for safety’s sake, one that is capable of handling any sized motorbike. Always check to make sure your bike is going to be loaded correctly to prevent any damage occurring. Is the motorbike monitored during transport? Loading and securing a motorbike into place is one thing. Keeping a close eye on it is something else. Under no circumstances should your bike be left unattended at any time, you never know what might happen to it. As a dedicated bike delivery service, we would never consider letting a motorbike out of our sight once it’s in our charge. If the motorbike is being collected on your behalf, how will you know everything is okay? Sometimes it’s easier to arrange the collection of a motorbike without actually being there in person. If the motorbike is in another part of the country for example, you might be happy for a collection service to pick up the bike on your behalf. Take this approach and you should expect a phone call from the transportation service once they arrive at the collection point. This way you can establish all of the relevant documentation comes with the motorcycle and also get the collection driver to confirm the condition of the bike to you. How local is the motorcycle delivery company to you? Is the motorbike delivery service close to you and do they have good access to major motorways and arterial roads? As one of the leading motorcycle collection services in Bristol, we are just a short drive away from the M4 motorway here at Ace Services and have a sound knowledge of the main motorway networks in the UK. Follow these tips and trust your own senses when you are choosing a motorcycle transportation service. Whether you want a bike collecting, or need a scooter delivering in Bristol, we can assist you here at Ace Services. Call today on 07742940422 for a prompt and reliable service.
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Concept motorbikes provide us with a glimpse of the future which makes BMW’s Motorrad Vision NEXT 100 such an intriguing prospect. According to Bavaria’s finest, this will be a super-clever self-balancing motorcycle that is filled with a host of futuristic features and gives us a sneaky preview of what motorcycling might be like in the next few decades. Looking like something out of the Tron Movies, the BMW Motorrad is supposedly so smart and so safe to ride, there is no need to wear protective gear such as a helmet or heavy clothing. The bike is equipped with its own self-balancing system and remains upright whether moving or standing still, without the need for a stand. With no chance of tilting over, this makes the bike perfect for novice riders but it also very responsive so it is also ideal for more experienced riders. Data glasses replace traditional helmets Gone are the traditional dials on the Motorrad, instead the rider wears a clever pair of glasses that act as a visor and provides a smart display. The bike communicates through the visor with the rider offering wind protection and vital information in equal measures. Features on the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 include: · No helmet, just data processing glasses · Total balance without a stand · Carbon fibre build · Futuristic display · Auto correct function · Finger gesture controls · A/C function to control temperature making heavy clothing redundant As well as these innovative features the VISION NEXT 100 will also be equipped with self-driving technology and can intervene when necessary. If the rider doesn’t react quickly enough and the bike senses danger, it can correct itself thus preventing accidents and incidents. As concept motorbikes go, the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is unbelievably amazing. We’re not sure about the lack of helmet for obvious safety reasons, but the motorcycle certainly looks fabulous and the functions sound revolutionary. We’d love to transport it at some point in the future. If you need reliable motorcycle transportation at any time, whether it’s for a classic, modern or futuristic bike, call us here atAce Services Bristol on07742940422.
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